Too many families are left alone after a death by suicide; there are no fundraisers, their loved ones are not honored and many departments have little or no follow up with the families after the death. Their daughters aren’t escorted to their first day of kindergarten, prom or wedding. Sons are not taught to drive or hit a baseball. Wives are often blamed for the suicide and are shunned by not only their department, but family and friends. We will change the feeling of isolation by serving the survivors in their time of need.

Survivor Retreats

We are currently seeking sponsors and a venue for an August 2019 survivor retreat. Our goal is to bring the families together for a fun, educational and healing weekend. We believe that by bringing the families together, they can learn to heal from one another, make lasting friends and most importantly, talk with others that share their unique situation.

Online Support Forum

We have created a private, online forum for verified families to meet, talk to each other and offer support. This forum has a general chat area for all members of the family and separate areas for wives, parents, siblings and other loved ones. It is a safe place to come together and find understanding. To register, please create an account here.

Honor Boxes

In the first week or two following a loss, one of the last things we want to do is run to the store for toothpaste. We are sending each family a well-stocked Honor Box hoping it will ease a bit of their pain. In each box, we are including everyday items, laundry soap, snack crackers, tooth paste, Tylenol, shampoo, etc. We will see to it, to the best of our abilities, that the packages are fitted for each family and no one is left out. Honor boxes cost $150 each, you can donate to this cause by selecting the “Honor Box” button on our donation form.