2016 Law Enforcement Suicide Statistics

138 United States Law Enforcement Officers Died  by Suicide in 2016

In 2016, Blue H.E.L.P. began a 5 consecutive year data collection endeavor. As corrections are included in the LODD numbers, we believe they should be included in the suicide numbers so that if a comparison is made, we are comparing like data. The data was primarily collected through our online submission form. In January 2016 we searched the internet to find any deaths that had not been submitted through the forms and we contacted 1,500 police departments around the country via e-mail to request information.

We also believe that there are more suicides that have not been reported and plan to continue to collect data indefinitely.

The data we compiled is as follows:

Employment Status
Active 79%
Retired 11%
Other 5%
Suspended 5%
23-29 11%
30-39 18%
40-49 40%
50-59 21%
60+ 10%
Marital Status
Married 62%
Single 24%
Divorced 4%
Other 10%
Reported by
Family 63%
Co-worker 20%
Friend 17%
Patrolmen 67%
Rank above Patrolman 33%
Male 91%
Female 9%

We also asked if the officers sought help prior to their deaths, 31% did, 24% did not. We have yet to find out if the remaining 45% sought help. The question was left unanswered or noted as “unknown” on the submission form.

We look forward to providing you with more data and continuing to collect this information. Please record any information you may have on our website to ensure we have not missed any deaths.