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Officer Justin Green March 10, 2018

After two years on the job, Officer Justin Green was involved in a shooting that resulted in the death of another man. Although it took months, all officers were cleared of wrong doing and the shooting was justified; even the witnesses felt it was justified. That would be no comfort to Justin or a salve for his Post Traumatic Stress. The PTSI would manifest in many ways, so would the assistance he received. The incident took his mental health, his marriage and his life. On March 10, 2018, one year and 3 days after the shooting, Justin’s wife would find him dead by suicide.

Justin and Lindsay Green were together for ten years, Justin was 26 years old when he died. Lindsay, also an officer with the same department, has spent the last two years working to implement an EAP and CISM team for their department. The irony of this tragedy is not lost on her, she’s more committed than ever to finishing this project and ensuring that help is available.

Lindsay said, “I want them to know his name.” She was tired of seeing the number of suicides even before it reached her door. Now that it has, she will remain steadfast in her mission and she hopes you will join her.



  1. REPLY
    Terri Albright says

    My deepest sympathy for your loss. When I saw Justin’s picture on this site, placing a face to the pain that is left behind by suicide, I wanted to Thank you for the courage it took to post Justin’s picture.
    God Bless you, I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. REPLY
    Rev. Matthew Miller CCC, CTR says

    Dear Mrs. Lindsay Green, on behalf of the Western New York Police Helpline Team, I wish to extend both our condolences and offer to assist you with your efforts to develop a strong CISM support program.
    We utilize ICISF training to incorporate new teammates and stay sharp during our all volunteer team service.
    As member of the Executive Board, I will be the first to say that we have all the answers, but we are more than willing to help you where we can. Just contact me via text & Aleta me know it’s you.
    Please stay strong & know your not alone. Cell # 716-906-1221. Blessings.

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