PO Box 539, Auburn, MA 01501

Trooper Mark Zach September 27, 2002

Age: 35
Years of Service: 12
Status: Active

“Mark was a kind, gentle, caring thoughtful person that loved to play pranks on people. He was a great father that sometimes let the kids break the rules and have cake for breakfast as long as they had milk on it and allowing the kittens in the house after Mommy left for work. He loved flowers, animals, gardening and learning new trades. He would routinely stop and help people change a tire or offer our house as a place to stay after a family lost theirs in a fire. He would be the one to go to the hospital to check on people after they were involved in traffic accidents just to see how they were. The world is not the same as it was when he was in it and he will be in our hearts forever and always. I’m sure he is very proud of all of his 7 children as they are growing up to be fine young adults. When one of his favorite songs “Taking care of business” comes on the radio I can still smile and think of him. “

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