Mental health is not and has never been a priority for first responders. There is a firmly held belief that “they know what they’re getting into” and witnessing traumatic scenes is “part of their job.” The contrary school of thought is this is simply not true. No one should be expected to witness the death, abuse, and other incidents that eat away at emotional stability on a regular basis without help.

We believe the latter. We believe that no first responder should be without the resources and understanding to safely navigate their careers and come out whole. We provide a unique tool in 1stHelp to confidentially connect you with the support you may need and, we collect post traumatic stress injury and suicide data that can be presented to affect change.


It is the mission of Blue H.E.L.P. to reduce mental health stigma through education, advocate for benefits for those suffering from post-traumatic stress, acknowledge the service and sacrifice of law enforcement officers we lost to suicide, assist officers in their search for healing, and to bring awareness to suicide and mental health issues.